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Spinal Surgery services in Christchurch

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Mr Finnis provides consultation, surgical management, and expert care in all aspects of spinal surgery for the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral areas.

Spinal conditions commonly dealt with are those related to injuries (trauma), such as a disc prolapse or bone fracture, including osteoporosis. These are often age-related (degenerative) problems, such as a pinched nerve (spinal stenosis, foraminal stenosis) and back pain (disc or facet joint-related), which are common as we grow older.

These issues, although common, can lead to deformity of the spine, which aggravates the problem, meaning complex techniques are needed to correct these. Our services for spinal surgery, therefore, relate to the decompression (un-pinching of nerve structures), stabilisation (fusion), and motion preservation (disc replacement and dynamic stabilisation) of the spine, as well as deformity correction.

Types of Spinal Surgery Services

Keyhole Spinal Surgery
(Minimally Invasive Surgery)

What is this procedure used for?

Also known as minimally invasive surgery, this technique covers a broad range of spine surgery where the approach is designed to minimally affect the tissue and therefore is advantageous for a more rapid recovery.

Keyhole surgery might be used in:

Complex Spine Surgery

What is this procedure used for?

When a procedure involves three or more levels (spinal segments – vertebrae) in the back or neck, this is considered complex spine surgery.

Major Spine Revision Therapy

What is this procedure used for?

Spine revision surgery involves reoperating on spinal problems occurring after previous surgery. This involves the placement of additional instrumentation to create a fusion and eliminate instability in the spine. Further nerve decompression is often needed and requires careful discretion around nerves, with the microscope well-suited for neurosurgical techniques.

Sacroiliac Joint Surgery

What is this procedure used for?

The sacroiliac joint (SIJ) is the joint between the base of the spine and the pelvis. It can be a source of lower back pain commonly felt in the buttocks. It can arise spontaneously or as an effect of previous fusion surgery and is more common than often recognised. Various special techniques are required for the diagnosis, we work through with our patients. There are various ways to manage the symptoms, but definitive treatment usually involves surgery. Mr Finnis is experienced in all the current techniques for surgery on this problem including “keyhole” minimally invasive approaches.

Cervical Disc Replacement

What is this procedure used for?

Mr Finnis is one of the most experienced and world-renown surgeons for neck (cervical) disc replacement surgery. Disc replacement ensures preservation of motion in the spine, which can be beneficial for selected patients undergoing spine surgery.

Cervical disc replacement surgery might be used in:

Lumbar Disc Replacement

What is this procedure used for?

As well as cervical disc replacement, Mr Finnis is globally experienced in lower back (lumbar) disc replacement surgeries. Similarly, these services are often performed for motion preservation which can help with lumbar pain without the need for fusion.

Lumbar disc replacement surgery might be used in:

Spine Tumour Surgery

What is this procedure used for?

Tumours of the spine that need to be removed can be complex. Therefore, Neurosurgical spine surgeons such as Mr Finnis are specifically trained to manage these issues around and within the spinal cord.

Spine tumour surgery might be used in:

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