What to expect when referred to Nicholas Finnis Spinal & Neurosurgery

Being referred to Nicholas Finnis Neurosurgery


Once your referral has been received and processed, you may receive a request for updated imaging if required. All patients who have been referred must have an up to date MRI imaging completed (within 6 months).

If new imaging is necessary, this must be done before your appointment with Mr Finnis. You will be contacted by the Radiology service directly to book a time and date in.

Please note: Not all patients require imaging before their appointment.

Booking your appointment

After we have received your referral, we will be in touch to book your appointment with Mr Finnis. You will receive a text message with your appointment date and time to see Mr Finnis. Please confirm this appointment.

You will be required to fill in our Patient Registration form before your appointment.

Patient Registration Form​

All new patients and re-referrals are required to fill in our Patient Registration form prior to their clinic appointment.

Day of your appointment

Finnis Neurosurgery is located out of Mr Finnis’ clinical rooms based at St George’s Hospital, which is where your appointment will take place. Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment and let our receptionist know you have arrived.

When you first meet with Mr Finnis, you will go over your referral details and your accompanied imaging. You will be asked about your clinical condition, and then a plan will be made moving forward. This may include further clinical tests, and you may also discuss any need for surgical procedures based on your clinical condition.

You are most welcome to bring a support person with you on the day of your appointment.

ACC and Health Insurance

Please ensure you have all ACC details with you, including all old claims that may pertain to the current referral. It is up to you to ensure we have all the relevant information. Any delay in receiving or obtaining this information can cause a delay in treatment.

We are affiliated with both Southern Cross Healthcare and NIB health insurance companies.

Southern Cross Health Insurance
NIB Health Insurance Partner

Feeling Unwell?

Please do not attend your appointment.

If you have signs or symptoms of a cold or flu (high temperature, sore throat, feeling congested or are generally unwell) on the day of your appointment, please call the rooms and inform us.

We will arrange for another appointment to be made. This will be rebooked at the earliest opportunity. The more notice we have of your inability to attend, the quicker we can rebook this appointment.

Pre-operative Surgery Information & Resources

Please be aware that the information provided in these downloads is indicative guides only. They are designed to provide information about the operation and to help you understand what is involved.

These documents are a generic discussion of the procedure you are having, and because every operation will be different in detail for patients, it is a guide only. Please note the illustrations are used only as a guide to help you understand the concepts.

Mr Finnis will go over your procedure with you at the clinic appointment.

If you are unsure about any aspect of your upcoming surgery, please phone the rooms on 03 355 7631 to discuss this.

Download our Pre-operative guides

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