Christchurch Spine Surgeon & Neurosurgeon

20+ years of specialist consultation and surgical care for brain, spine, and peripheral nerve conditions.

Improving lives with effective neurosurgical treatments and expert support.

Senior Neurosurgeon Nicholas Finnis (BHB MBChB FRACS) has been improving the lives of his patients for over 20 years.

Nicholas provides consultation, assessment, and surgical services, utilising the latest medical technology and advancements. He can help guide your decisions around healthcare treatments for spine, cranial (brain), and peripheral nerve problems.

Surgical services in Christchurch

Spinal Surgery

Nicholas provides consultation, surgical management, and expert care in all aspects of spinal surgery for the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral areas.

Cranial Surgery

The full spectrum of cranial (brain) surgery is available with Nicholas, alongside management strategies for various ailments such as headaches and brain fluid (CSF) flow conditions.

Nerve Pain Surgery

We assess and manage peripheral nerve problems. These are commonly related to pinched nerves from surrounding structures or other issues that arise from nerve injury or tumours.

Spinal Physiotherapy

Our spinal physiotherapist provides expert pre- and post-op care for all Nicholas Finnis spinal surgery patients. You can learn more about Ben Cameron on our team page.

About Mr. Nicholas Finnis Neurosurgeon

For over 20 years Senior Spine Surgeon and Neurosurgeon, Mr Nicholas Finnis (BHB MBChB FRACS) has been providing spinal surgery to his patients to improve their lives.


Starting the referal process

1. Get a referral

Your GP or physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath or medical specialist can arrange a referral for you.

2. Consult with Mr. Finnis

Mr Finnis’ team will be in touch with you via email or post with an appointment for you to consult with Mr Finnis in person.

3. Next steps

We will help guide you through the surgery process with all you need to know at each step.

Already have a referral?

If you have a referral from your GP or Physio, please Contact Mr. Finnis’ PA via email or phone to make an appointment for a consultation.