Spinal Physiotherapy

Spinal Physiotherapy advice in Christchurch

Delivering prompt and efficient Spinal Physiotherapy for patients

Our spinal physiotherapist provides expert pre- and post-op care for all Nicholas Finnis spinal surgery patients.

Types of Spinal Physiotherapy

Pre and Post Op Care

Patients at Nicholas Finnis Neurosurgery will meet with Ben before their surgery. Ben will be managing both pre-operative and post-operative care for patients.

The extended healing period required after spinal surgery makes postoperative care especially important. Ben will help patients to plan their postoperative recovery while managing and assessing the most critical elements of care.

These can include:

Unsure where to start?

First, you will need a referral from your GP, physiotherapist, chiropractor, or osteopath to make an appointment with Nicholas Finnis Neurosurgery. Being referred to Nicholas Finnis or Ben is simple. Visit our Patients page and read the steps.

Already have a referral?

If you already have a referral from your GP, physiotherapist, chiropractor, or osteopath, please contact our reception via email or phone to make an appointment for a consultation.