About Nicholas Finnis Spinal & Neurosurgeon

Mr. Nicholas Finnis, Senior Neurosurgeon and Clinical Director

Mr. Nicholas Finnis is a highly respected and experienced neurosurgeon based here in Christchurch. With over 24 years of practice in both the public and private sectors, Mr. Finnis is renowned for his expertise in complex spine surgery and his dedication to providing exceptional patient care.

Mr Finnis is a senior neurosurgeon in New Zealand with a broad experience in all aspects of neurosurgery. He actively participates in training programs to stay updated with the latest techniques and technological developments in the field of spine surgery. This commitment ensures that his patients receive the most appropriate and effective treatment options tailored to their specific needs.

Mr. Finnis’ impressive educational background includes a BHB and MBChB from the University of Auckland, as well as fellowships from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) in both General Surgery and Neurosurgery. He is a member of esteemed professional organisations such as the Neurosurgical Society of Australasia, the North American Spine Society, the European Spine Society, and AO Spine International.

Mr Finnis now works solely in private practice having recently left the public sector to devote more time to his patients passing through the private sector. He has previously held the position of Consultant Neurosurgeon at Christchurch Hospital Department of Neurosurgery and Visiting Neurosurgeon to the Burwood Spinal Injuries Unit. He has for many years held the position of Clinical Director of the Christchurch Department of Neurosurgery and the Clinical Director of the South Island Neurosurgical Service.

Mr. Finnis is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and expertise with the next generation of neurosurgeons. He previously served as the Supervisor of Surgical Training in the Department of Neurosurgery, overseeing the training of neurosurgeons in New Zealand and Australia for the FRACS. Additionally, he has held positions as a New Zealand representative on the Board of the Neurosurgical Society of Australasia (NSA) and as a neurosurgical representative on the New Zealand Board of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS). He has held the position of Senior Clinical Lecturer for the University of Otago for 25 years, with teaching responsibilities to medical students

With his extensive experience and commitment to excellence, Mr. Finnis embodies our clinic’s dedication to providing the highest level of care to our patients. His expertise in complex spine surgery, coupled with his leadership and involvement in advancing neurosurgical practices, makes him a trusted and invaluable resource for those seeking specialised care.

If you or someone you know require the expertise of a highly skilled neurosurgeon, we invite you to schedule a referral consultation with Mr. Nicholas Finnis. With his comprehensive understanding of spine surgery and commitment to patient well-being, he will guide you through the treatment process with compassion and expertise.


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